5a30023fb8d9b wrote a review for La Casa De Barinyurt

2017-12-12 1 year, 11 months, 4 weeks, 1 day ago

I flew Turkish Air and they serve the food from La Casa De Barinyurt. I could not believe that the food was airline food. I usually never even take the airline packaged food and this time I saw the passengers around me taking it and everyone agreed it was absolutely fresh and tasty. Read Full


cohenmonga wrote a review for Pita Plus

2016-07-05 3 years, 5 months, 5 days ago

Looking for the best Shawarma in the Miami? Look no more....This place has it all!!! Delicious Shawarma marinated to perfection with Hummus Tahini and all the fresh vegetables ...yummy Read Full


caroline27 wrote a review for China Bistro

2016-06-29 3 years, 5 months, 1 week, 4 days ago

The food is sub par, the place is not the cleanest and the service is pretty bad. The only dish that was decent was chicken caesar salad, but then I don't have to go to a Chinese restaurant for that. Oh...and the prices are pretty steep! Read Full


caroline27 wrote a review for Levy's Kosher of Hollywood

2016-06-29 4 photo(s) 3 years, 5 months, 1 week, 4 days ago

I used to go to Levy's back a few years ago and the food was pretty forward a few years and I'm not sure what went wrong, My husband ordered the chicken sandwich in a pita and it was decent, he also ordered rice and beans and the beans tasted too sweet with a strong hint of cumin. I ordered... Read Full


SimplioLabs wrote a review for Subres Grill

2016-06-29 1 photo 3 years, 5 months, 1 week, 4 days ago

Cute little small place in a small neighborhood in North Miami - Ordered the Argentinian hamburger (Egg, beef, lettuce, tomato) and it was delicious. For my girls i ordered the fresh chicken nuggets & fires and a mango lemonade which both were delicious. Service was fast and attentive my only draw... Read Full


smusic wrote a review for Top Nosh Niagara Kosher Pizza

2016-06-14 3 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Delicious food and super-sweet staff. Highly recommend-Variety of tasty foods-can't wait to try them all! (Pizza is very good also!) Read Full